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Thailand Travel Guide Information


Thailand is a warm and rather humid tropical country and has a tropical climate with 3 distinct seasons--summer from March through May, rainy with plenty of sunshine from June to October and cool from November through February. The annual average temperature is 28.1°c.


The official national language is Thai. Dialect are spoken in rural areas. English, a compulsory subject in school, is widely spoken and understood in Bangkok and other major cities. It is also a major commercial language in Bangkok. English and other European languages are spoken in most hotels, shops and restaurants,and in major tourist destinations. Thai-English road and street signs are found nationwide.


Transport in Thailand is varied. If travel in long distances, Bus and Rail transport can support tourists with inexpensive prices. However, if fast travel and more comfort is needed, Air travel is another option, but higher prices.

Phone Number Info:
Bus Terminals:

North and Northeastern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit Mai):66 2 936-2841-48, 66 2 936-2852-66 ext 442, 311
Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai): 66 2 422-4400-1, 66 2 984-6122, 66 2 422-4444, 66 2 262-3456
Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai): 66 2 936-2841-48, 66 2 936-2852-66 ext 448, 611

Railway Stations:
Bangkok Railway Station (Hualampong): 66 2 621-8701, 66 2 223-3777, 66 2 223-3786 & -1690
Air Travel
Suvarnabhumi Airport: 66 2 132-8888
Thai Airways: 66 2 288-0060, 66 2 628-2000
Nok Air: 66 2 2900-9955
Air Asia: 66 2 515-9999

Travel In Bangkok: Bangkok now has a wide range of public transportation for tourists to choose:

1. METRO System
1.1. Bangkok Skytrain or BTS: It's more convenient for the tourists to take BTS, sky train, to reach the shopping center destinations such as Siam Center, Siam
Paragon, MahBunkrong, Silom and Chatuchak Market, etc.
1.2. Bangkok Metro or MRT: To avoid the road traffic, MRT or Bangkok's subway is another choice for tourists' convenience. 
1.3 Suvarnabhumi Airport Link: It is the new rail system linking from/to the centre of Bangkok to/from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
2. Public Bus: Public buses are plentiful and cheap, with average of 8-9 baht fares to most destinations within metropolitan Bangkok. Air-conditioned buses within Bangkok have 10 baht minium and 30 baht maximum fares. 
3. Taxi and Tuk Tuk: Hotel taxis have fixed tariffs. Taxis cruising the streets of Bangkok normally use their meters. Tuk-Tuk or three wheel taxis are quite popular among the tourists for short journeys inside Bangkok.
4. River taxi: There are many boats plying the Chao Phraya River. Some criss-cross between landings on opposite banks while the Chao Phraya Express boats travel upstream and downstream within the metropolis. 
Phone Number Info:
BTS Skytrain: 66 2 617-6000
MRT: 66 2 624-5200
Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (Public Bus): 184
Taxi: 1681
TAT Tourist information Center: 1672
Immigration Bureau: 66 2 141-9889

Tourist Police: 1155

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Koh Samui, Surat Thani





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